Sunday, June 28, 2009

Toothpaste woes

In brushing Malachi's teeth one night I decided to use a different toothpaste for him, the "big boy Spiderman" kind. Well, it may be Spiderman, but the "fruity" flavor isn't too great. He really didn't like it and whined the whole time I was brushing his teeth. When I was done he told me, "Uugh! That toothpaste gots chemicals! It's making me sick." Then he told me he needed a band-aid for it (he'll make up any excuse for a band-aid, and often manages to talk other people into one for nearly healed wounds). I asked him where he thought I was supposed to put the band-aid, and once I complied with his wishes he wasn't too sure what to think - he got his band-aid just like he wanted, but it didn't really seem too cool on his mouth! I calmly held my laughter for a few pictures before letting loose, at which point he realized how goofy he was!

Notice the unsure look on his face. Before I pulled out the camera he was downright depressed looking, torn between wanting the beloved band-aid but not liking it stuck to his mouth. Once I started taking pictures he wasn't sure what to think.

Normally Malachi is all smiles for the camera, but with his current predicament his smile had been quite restrained. As I started smiling at him and taking pictures he started to loosen up a bit.

Once I finally let loose with my laughter, Malachi was back to his silly self!

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