Friday, January 29, 2010

Breaking the Silence

I am tired of keeping quiet about it, and thus I am breaking the silence. Over the last month we have been fighting and praying to bring home another precious child along with Micaelyn before it is too late for him. He is 13, and when children turn 14 in China they are no longer eligible for adoption. Unfortunately, there are very few people willing to adopt older children, especially teenage boys. However, we are willing and able to give this boy the love he deserves. We seem like the perfect family for this child in so many ways, and we have the experience in older child adoption that few other families have. The only problem is that our agency NEVER allows families to adopt 2 unrelated children at the same time, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!

However, we cannot let this child be left to spend life as an orphan without a fight, we cannot give up! Over the last several weeks I have written approximately 30,000 words to defend our request to adopt this boy. Every concern the agency has had we have had an answer for. They have admitted we are an "exceptional family" with great experience and well prepared for his adoption. They seem to feel we are a perfect fit for this dear child, and if we were not also adopting our precious Micaelyn the decision would be easy.

However, this is the one rule they have for which they never make exceptions. We were told no one there can ever remember an exception having been made (well, except that the founders, who were truly wonderful people, adopted EIGHT little children at one time!).

We are trying to take encouragement in the fact they are actually considering our request, which is apparently more than they have ever done before. That we haven't yet been told "no" is in and of itself a true miracle from God. However, as they continue to interrogate us further we are getting worn down. We are tired of defending ourselves. What makes it even harder is that Micaelyn's adoption has been put on hold while we continue to wait for them to make a decision. With Chinese New Year in just a couple of weeks, there is almost no chance now of getting our dossier logged in before then. Thus it will be the end of February, at the earliest, before we get our dossier logged in. Were we not waiting for our agency to make a decision we could have already been logged in by now and waiting for the LOA, the official approval from China for us to adopt Micaelyn. It breaks our hearts to know our daughter is growing older while we continue to wait week after week for a decision. She turns 3 next Friday.

We have kept silent over the last month about this because we felt it best to not spread the story over the internet and have the agency find out we were talking about it. However, we were never told we couldn't say anything about it, and I think it's only fair to us and this boy we have as many people as possible praying for the people at our agency to allow us to bring him home. There are many children waiting for families, many with no hope of ever finding a family to love them. They have no hope to ever have a family, love, and a future. However, this child does have hope as long as the agency entrusted by China to find a family for him does not prevent that family from bringing him home.

PLEASE pray for God to work in the hearts of the people at our agency who are against us (not all are against us, some are obviously supportive or we wouldn't have made it this far). Pray they will realize this child is more important than their rule. Pray they will see that many, many families have been formed by parents adopting more than 1 child at a time, and that many orphans became beloved sons and daughters because other agencies understood that just like sometimes more than one child is born into a family at the same time, so too can 2 children be adopted into a family at the same time. Pray they will understand the love we have for another child should not prevent this child from coming home also. Pray they see our experience, our preparation, our strength, our determination, our perseverance, our resilience, and our faith that will allow us to overcome any difficulties we may face in his adoption. Pray they see our love for this child, the love that has led us to fight such a huge battle to bring him home. Pray they will hold true to their vision statement of being "dedicated to carrying out God's plan for every child to have a permanent, loving family." Pray they will allow this boy to have the chance at life he deserves. Please pray!

If you happen to wonder about the child, you can go to the photolisting on the RainbowKids website:
His child ID is B09-216, and he has a birth date of September 12, 1996. Please take just a moment to go there, look in the eyes of this waiting child, and pray that he does not have to wait anymore.


Wife of the Pres. said...

You know I'm praying!!! I was going to PM you and saw your note over on the forum.

I can remember his b-day as it is the same as one of ours.

"Many are the plans in a man's heart,
but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails."
Proverbs 19:21

Karin said...

Job 42:2 "I know that You can do all things; no plan of your can be thwarted."

redkitchen said...

I'm praying.

The Kings said...

I have asked our church prayer chain to intercede on behalf of your family and this young man. I can certainly see why you are taken with him. I so hope and pray this all works out for you to bring him home! I will continue to pray as you await your agencies decision.
BTW - you have a beautiful family!
Lori King

Recovering Noah said...

Praying for you Jennifer! You expressed it beautifully and it's my hope and prayer that you bring your son home.


Pam said...

He is certainly a beautiful boy!!! Remember that God opens doors that no man can shut...and closes doors that no man can open. If God has it written that he is yours.....HE IS!!! Praying that you hear favorably soon!

Yoli said...

You know I am with you, since the very beginning and I have great respect for you and your family. He has tugged at my heart since the day I laid eyes on him. I feel in my heart that you are his family and you will prevail.

Wife of the Pres. said...

I am just wondering … and keeping on praying … hugs!