Friday, March 5, 2010

Retiring the ultrasound picture

When we first started this adoption we weren't yet matched with a child, but because I wanted to represent our new child on my sidebar I put up the infamous China ultrasound picture. Once we were matched with Micaelyn I kept thinking I needed to take it down and replace it with her picture, but for some reason I never got around to it. I now realize my heart knew what my mind didn't at the time - that there were TWO heartbeats, TWO lives represented by that ultrasound picture. Now that we can see that second life, I am excited to finally retire the ultrasound picture and replace it with pictures of our TWO children waiting in China!

Our next TWO blessings, still in China, but waiting no more for a family of their own!

...and yes, I will be updating the heading picture soon as well. :)


Mom 4 Kids said...

Your family is beautiful and awesome!

connie said...

Oh, the plans God has for us! He is so very good!

Anonymous said...

Maybe you shouldn't adopt any more. Don't want to turn into Kate Gosselin.

Mike and Leslie said...

Dear "Anonymous"
Maybe you shouldn't be on this blog if you can't rejoice in this family's love for their children. How sad it is to think someone could be so shallow and heartless as you must be to not feel happiness for the children these people have welcomed into their home with such great love, children who waited a long time with little chance to find a family due to their age and/or special needs. We feel blessed to have them in our lives, and I can say without doubt their children are well cared for, loved, and happy. If more people in this world had their heart I am sure this world would be a better place.

mother in law from CA said...

Jennifer and for all who read this blog.

I would like to make it clear that i am not the one who wrote an anonymous comment about you and Ernie adopting children from far away.

when I write something i always put my name to it.

Some people are just coward and do not stand behind their words. Too bad!!!!

this is from your mother in law.... give a hug to the kids from their grandma in californiatro


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