Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our handsome little Indian prince!

To save money I take our passport/visa pictures myself. It can be hard to get a good picture of Malachi (not because he isn't adorable but rather because he has no ability to follow directions), but this one turned out so well I think I may blow it up and frame it!


The Kings said...

That is the best passport photo I think I have ever seen. Handsome boy, good job with the picture!

Pam said...

Oh my word! He is an absolute doll! Wow!!! :)

Peter and Nancy said...

I just hopped over from Pam's blog -- he is a doll (and so is your newest daughter, judging by the new photos!). Your words about your dad were very moving, and you have a very unique love story in his work with your future husband!
(mom to bio sons Aaron-9, Nathan-8, and India daughter Anya Rashi-3, and waiting for another daughter from India)