Friday, October 1, 2010

Things are going great!

I am still here, I just haven't been on the computer since returning home. I haven't even downloaded pictures yet! I am not sure I'll get a new post up by the weekend, but by early next week at the latest I should have one with pictures. It looks like something happened with my blog while we were in China, so I've got to figure out why all the old pictures aren't showing and get it looking right again.

The new kids are both doing great. Micaelyn is just as happy as can be and fits in like she has always been here. She looks at pictures of herself in China and starts talking about herself there (using her Chinese name - otherwise she uses her new name), but there is no sign of grieving to go with it. Really I can't believe how well she has adjusted in such a short period of time! She is a happy, smiley little girl who follows me everywhere when she is not running with her brothers. She is my shadow, and she is Caleb's echo!

Joshua is also doing wonderful. Actually, I can't believe how smoothly things have gone with him. He is a very good kid who causes few problems. He plays great with the younger kids. He is very easy-going. He's also very quiet. I think that is a combination of him naturally being a quieter kid along with the language barrier (unlike Micaelyn who talks all the time he doesn't talk to us any in Chinese because he knows we don't understand it). He started school this week and is settling in well there. I am sure the presence of so many Asian kids, including a few Chinese students, along with a Chinese teacher has been very helpful and reassuring to him. He is in ESL classes for 4 periods of the day along with other international students. He is also taking Mandarin from the Chinese teacher, and since it is a class for kids wanting to learn Mandarin and learn about the Chinese culture I'm sure it will be an easy class for him. However, we wanted him to take it to both help him remember Mandarin (which is not his first language, Cantonese is his first language) and also to provide a level of comfort/familiarity along with the opportunity for him to excel in a class since he is used to being a top student. He had a blast at church on Wednesday with the youth - they played ping-pong and he was unbeatable! No one could get a single point past him apparently, and he did NOT want to leave!

So all in all things are going great here! Life is busy and at times a bit crazy but so full of love and joy! Hopefully I will get pictures downloaded soon, and then I'll provide a few more details about the transition each of the kids made and the things we did (and still do) to help them with that transition. I know a lot of other people who read my blog are interested in adoption, older child adoption, preschool adoption, special needs adoption, and adoption of 2 kids at the same time so I want to make sure I address those points in hopes that more precious children will be welcomed into the arms of a loving family.


The Kings said...

I am so happy to hear that things are going well!!
You have often been in my thoughts.

Ann said...

Thanks for checking in! Glad to know things are going well!

Grandma Judy said...

God bless you and your family! Glad to hear things are progressing smoothly and actively, from the sounds of it!

Beth and Ryan said...

Hi! Loved reading your blog. I tried emailing you. Our little girl is from Guiyang and we are hoping to travel in the spring. Any tips you can offer would be great!