Saturday, January 1, 2011

Still smiling (Saturday, September 11)

Despite an evening full of laughter I had feared Micaelyn would wake up sad the next morning and start grieving again for her foster family.  Surprisingly, however, she woke up full of smiles and kept smiling all the way until bedtime with minimal sadness throughout the day (she was naturally quite sensitive at the time so when she didn't get exactly what she wanted she would still cry for her foster family).
Full of smiles in the morning.
We were told before we traveled that Joshua was addicted to video games.  We had always been a non-video game family, but we knew not letting him play video games could seriously damage his adjustment with us so we caved and bought a Nintendo DS for him.  Of course, in the end we couldn't get one for him without getting one for Caleb too.  Since they can link them to play games together the Nintendo at least gives them a way to play together and bond with each other.
Caleb and Micaelyn played a game with Daddy using the Chinese hacky sacks as missiles to attack each other.  They would hide behind the bed to avoid getting hit, and when they stood up to throw Daddy would attack them back at the same time (we had several hacky sacks).
Jumpy, jumpy!
Still smiling at bedtime.

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