Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Adoption Update

People keep asking us about our adoption, when we get to bring the kids home.  Sadly our social worker took forever to get the home study completed.  Thus we are still awaiting our USCIS approval so that we can send off our dossier to China.  We should have that approval very soon, maybe this week.  Hopefully the rest of the process will move much quicker.  Our new son and daughter shouldn't have to spend another Christmas without us because of a a slow social worker!

I always try to find the positive in everything, so at least this means we have longer to come up with the many tens of thousands of dollars necessary to bring the kids home.  However, adoption is never about us, it's about the kids waiting to come home.  Two kids are waiting for us, and both are old enough to understand they have a family coming for them, yet they can't possibly understand waiting so many months for us to get to them.

Our son's 4th birthday was the very beginning of February.  He was told then about us, shown pictures of us, and while this is always a special moment it was even more special with him because of the bond between him and our daughter Hannah.  He looked at the picture of our family and said, "That's my mommy.  That's my daddy.  She's Anna."  (Hannah's name in China was An Na.)  This sweet boy is ready to come home to his family!  And at 10 years old, Grace has spent way too many years already waiting for a family, watching other kids get adopted while she was left behind!
Jacob being shown a picture of Hannah on his birthday.  His birthday was celebrated with the good news that he not only had a family coming for him, it was the same family that adopted his best friend!
Please pray the rest of the process moves quickly and smoothly, and pray too for success with our fundraising efforts.  We will NOT be able to go get Jacob and Grace without the necessary funds!

I will be updating the blog soon with details of our current fundraisers, but as always if you would like to help 2 precious children come home to their family you can make a tax-deductible donation to our Reece's Rainbow account here:  http://reecesrainbow.org/88887/sponsormurray-2

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