Friday, May 20, 2016

Travel Problems

My husband was supposed to arrive home today, but due to flight problems is still stuck in China.  He's had a hard time accessing internet, but he did manage to post an update on Facebook a few hours ago:

We tried to see about getting another flight tomorrow morning but they were all booked. We leave for Beijing at 9 PM. We have been in the airport since 9 AM. Fei Fei also had his first big poop so I was doing a mr. Mom right in front of everyone. The Chinese were giggling. All is well and we are hanging in there. For my dad and I it just reminds us of our days in the Air Force : "hurry up and wait".

This picture was taken when I dropped them off at the airport early on the morning of their departure to China.  They are ready to get back home!
The past couple of adoption trips Ernie traveled by himself to save money.  This time his dad went along.  I am so glad his dad was willing to take the time and money (he paid his own expenses) necessary to go along on this trip.  I think it was a great bonding experience for them, and what a great experience for Grandpa to be a part of Jacob's special journey home!  I know with the difficulty they are having getting home Ernie is sure glad to have his dad with him!

There have already been additional costs due to the travel changes, and they have yet to get new flights out of China (they have been trapped at the Guangzhou airport, have to first get to Beijing then try to get new flights out of China).  If you want to help get them home please click here.

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