Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Kitties!!!

A few years ago we got a baby kitten for the kids (Christina was 13 and Caleb was 2 at the time). Sadly she didn't live, and Caleb kept asking endlessly for months when she would come back. He never did forget her even though he was so young. Last year a little cat showed up on our doorstep looking very much like the little kitten we once had. Of course, Caleb immediately expected us to keep it. Though we were guarded at first, we soon realized this cat didn't belong to anyone - it seemed to have just been dropped off in the neighborhood with another cat (the neighbors rescued that one). It was very pretty and even more importantly it had a wonderful personality and did well with the kids so we decided to keep it. We have yet to give it a real name. Because it was so little we've all just been calling it the "baby kitty." Recently our baby kitty became a mommy kitty to 4 precious little kittens. She has been a good mother to them, and quite naturally they have gotten plenty of loving from us as well! We have been holding them since they were first born. Caleb especially spends lots of time with them, holding them, petting them, and giving food, cat milk, and water to the mom. He even lays in the box with them! He was so disappointed he cried when I told him we couldn't keep them all. Christina almost tricked her dad into keeping 2 by telling him I had said we would. However, we will be giving 3 away so if you are interested let me know. There are 2 creamy white ones and 1 gray tabby, all with short hair. The kittens seemed to have inherited their mom's loving personality, and they sure are cute!

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