Friday, November 20, 2009

More Micaelyn pictures

My favorite picture, an unexpected blessing. There's a great story behind this picture, but for important reasons the only part I can share is the picture. This picture was taken taken June 1 of this year at 2 years old. I think my daughter is a beautiful, very sweet looking little girl!

The next 2 pictures were taken around June or July of this year (2 years old). They are the only ones we have to see her cute smile. Her eyes look like they can light up a room!

Probably my favorite picture after the first one above. This one was taken last December when she was around 22 months old. She looks packed up and ready to come home to her family!

This one was taken at the same time as the previous one. It is a traditional Chinese referral photo with the red background. It's a bit sad to see my little girl's head shaved!

This picture is of her at around 12 months old, her first traditional referral photo.

Micaelyn was featured on waiting child lists for many months in the hopes of finding her a family. I'll add more details in a later post, but one of her special needs is an enlarged tongue. There is a very good chance we will have to have tongue reduction surgery for her when we bring her home. Although her tongue doesn't stick out in more recent pictures, it's obviously still too large as she doesn't appear to close her mouth. Also, if you click on the top picture to enlarge it you can see the drool on her chin. It is probably hard for her to close her mouth due to her enlarged tongue. Since she has always had this problem she doesn't notice the drool like most kids her age would. An enlarged tongue can cause lots of problems with teeth and jaw development, and sometimes it interferes with speech as well. Occasionally it can even interfere with respiration and cause problems with breathing while sleeping. Micaelyn will need to be seen by a craniofacial team when she comes home to deal with her enlarged tongue and any other craniofacial problems that she may have. This is in addition to the geneticists and other doctors she'll see due to the genetic syndrome she has! The next 2 pictures were taken at the same time as the one above.

That's all the pictures we have of our precious little girl. We think she is just perfect. Some people see an enlarged tongue and a syndrome. We see an amazing blessing greater than we deserve, given by God's own hand for us to love forever!


Mom 4 Kids said...

Wow! You all seem like an extremely loving family, I am sure she is a perfect fit! Can't wait to see more as it comes!

Raina said...

Oh I just love her. Congratulations. I'm so happy to see her banner "I have a family" on the listing!!!

LucisMomma said...

Micaelyn is gorgeous! I am just now going through some emails from last month and saw your post in the Guizhou yahoo group. I've enjoyed your blog...your family is beautiful.

What have you heard lately about Micaelyn, and your wait time to get her?

susan w. mom to Luci from Liupanshui in Guizhou, mom to bio boys Bryan and JT