Friday, May 14, 2010

Micaelyn's Name, Part 2

Today is my father's birthday, but I can't celebrate it with him (he died in December 2007 at age 55). However, I'm sure the greatest celebration here on earth can't even begin to compare to a single day in Heaven, so although I wish I could tell him I love him at least one more time I'll do my best to focus on where he is now and not what I have lost. Since I never got a chance to finish telling the story of Micaelyn's name, today is the perfect day.

The first part of Micaelyn's name comes from the name of my first step-dad, Michael, who died of Lou Gehrig's disease right at my 7th birthday. He was only 28 years old. I told more about that story in this post.

The second part of Micaelyn's name comes from my father, whose middle name was Lynn. I think it's really special that as his only daughter I am able to pass his name off to my own daughter. I only wish he were here to see his granddaughter named after him. However, I take great comfort in knowing I will see him again one day in Heaven.

Thus, Micaelyn is named after both my father and my first step-dad, both of whom are now in Heaven. It's a very special name that's also unique without being odd, and I happen to think it's a beautiful name as well! Just perfect for our very special and beautiful little girl!

My father with Caleb as a baby (since I obviously don't have any pictures of him with Micaelyn) - Look how light Caleb looks compared to my dad! I always assumed my children would have dark hair and eyes and tanned skin since those are "dominant" features, but Caleb definitely inherited his coloration from his daddy and not from me!

An old picture of Micaelyn, because I have no new ones! This one is 8 months old, and I am desperate for some new pictures of my little girl!

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Mom 4 Kids said...

It is a beautiful name for a special girl!