Saturday, August 21, 2010

Language troubles...

Christina has been home 4 1/2 years. She now knows a lot of English, but she still occasionally asks what a word means and uses a dictionary much more often than most 17 year olds (and we're proud of her for using the dictionary!). So the other night when she was given an assignment in her Bible class to read in Genesis about Abraham it was not surprising she came across a word she didn't know. Unfortunately, instead of asking me or looking it up in the dictionary she showed up in her Bible class the next day asking everyone (very seriously), "What does circumcision mean?" She said she didn't understand why everyone was laughing so hard. Oh, the joys of learning a new language as a teenager!

Since I didn't have the blog back when we brought Christina home, here are a few pictures of her from her first months home with us. It's hard to believe she grew so much so quickly, but she is still just as beautiful as ever!

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