Thursday, December 30, 2010

McDonald's in China

Caleb knew there would be McDonald's in China.  The boys couldn't wait to eat there, and by the time we finally got the chance we had been in China for almost 2 weeks.  They were eager to go, but since Ernie didn't feel like walking I finally took them by myself.  I was a woman by myself with 3 small children, all 3 with a different ethnicity (Joshua stayed at the hotel).  To say I attracted attention is a great understatement.  It was almost hilarious, especially on the streets.  I did my best to ignore them, but it's hard to not feel a bit uncomfortable with so many people staring endlessly.  In McDonald's we ended up sitting next to a young couple.  The girl was using tweezers to pull out the guy's chin hairs and placing them upon a napkin on the table, and yet we were the ones being stared at.  At least the kids finally got their trip to McDonald's.
Micaelyn enjoys her first trip to McDonald's, complete with a cup of corn for her side.
She had to wear her backpack everywhere she went.  Initially I thought it was because it was from the foster family, and while I'm sure that contributed now I know she simply loves carrying around a bag, purse, or backpack of any kind.  She is ALWAYS carrying a bag of some sort around the house with toys inside.
They really enjoyed their hamburgers!  I love that in addition to corn as a side they also offered orange juice as a drink.
The Happy Meals had Pokemon toys inside.

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