Thursday, December 30, 2010

Micaelyn coming around... (Thursday, September 9)

The day after we got Joshua was a bit of a turning day for Micaelyn.  She was still very sad at times, still not sleeping well, and still cried a lot, but it seemed she was coming to an acceptance of things.  Rather than crying incessantly with frequent bouts of screaming and tantrums she was becoming quieter, more interested in what was going on around her.  She started playing more, even smiling a bit.
Caleb shares some Oreos with Micaelyn.  She really liked them!
I could tell she was starting to come around by the relaxed expression on her face versus the angry scowl she had often had before.  She was really starting to get interested in her new life, which also meant letting go of the old.
Silly bands made a WONDERFUL travel item.  They took almost no space, and most of them I got really cheap.  Micaelyn had obviously never seen them before but was highly fascinated by them.
Micaelyn had such a cute way of making the peace sign, and she liked holding it right in front of her face.
I was delighted to see her smiling!  Other than the few smiles we got the first morning with her she had not smiled or shown happiness in any way since she was with her foster family the day we got her (we got her on Sunday, this was Thursday).  That she was not only smiling but also happily interacting showed tremendous progress in her transition with us.

She was highly fascinated by the Silly Bands!

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