Sunday, October 23, 2011

Surgery cancelled

Recently we had an appointment with Micaelyn's doctor who will be doing her surgery next month.  Caleb had been somewhat sick (again) for several days before the appointment, and that morning he woke up screaming in pain about his ear.  So we headed off to his doctor first thing to confirm he had an ear infection and get some prescriptions for him.  Then while we were at Micaelyn's doctor I brought up Caleb's issues to him.  He was so kind as to take the time to get a full history on Caleb, do an exam, and get all the paperwork done to have him enrolled there as a patient.  He did feel Caleb might benefit by having his tonsils and adenoids removed, so although we went there just for Micaelyn we walked out with surgery scheduled for both Micaelyn and Caleb.

Caleb did NOT like the idea of having surgery.  Of course, it probably didn't help any that we had spent the last month talking a lot about Micaelyn's upcoming surgery and how difficult it would be, how many days she'll be on the breathing tube, how long she'll be in ICU, etc.  So when we were there for Micaelyn and suddenly started talking about surgery for him it was no wonder he took it so hard.  Needless to say it took a lot of effort to get him prepared for the surgery.  He was very scared, and it was a difficult morning emotionally for him.  Unfortunately, after all the nervous tension he had built up the surgery ended up having to be rescheduled.  We showed up at the hospital, waited until we were called, went back and got him dressed in the gown, signed all the papers, etc., all while trying to help calm his nerves.  However, there was a lot of concern about his medical history and the fact he had been recently sick and still had a bit of congestion.  The anesthesiologist was called in and after listening to him she felt it was too risky to proceed with the surgery, especially with his history of respiratory problems.  We ended up having to reschedule, and they want him to have breathing treatments for several days before the surgery when it's time to come back.
This was AFTER the surgery had been canceled and we had gotten him dressed and ready to go home.  He had been so upset about the surgery that even once it was canceled he wouldn't smile (probably because he knows he just has to go back again later).  He is holding his Reagan (the elephant on the right) he's had since he was a baby (his most favorite lovey) and his Ronald (the elephant on the left) which my mom had made him the day before as a special gift to hold along with Reagan during the surgery.  The afghan is one I crocheted for him while I was pregnant with him.  My mom and I wanted to make sure he was surrounded by love during the surgery!

Once again you can see the discoloration under his eyes from sickness.  Even the people at the hospital who don't see him everyday felt he looked sick.  Poor boy!

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