Monday, March 24, 2014

BWS - Hemihypertrophy/Hemihyperplasia

Another common symptom seen in kids with BWS is hemihypertrophy (also called hemihyperplasia).  This is an abnormal asymmetry of the body in which one side or part of the body grows bigger than the other.  It could be an entire side of the body that is bigger than the other, or it could be one part, e.g. one arm that is larger, one leg that is larger, one side of the face that is larger.  Micaelyn has A LOT of the signs of BWS, but this is one she doesn't have (as with any medical issue a patient rarely presents with all of the signs).  Elianna does have some hemihypertrophy (one leg and arm is bigger than the other), but it seems pretty minor so far so we will just continue to monitor it.

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