Saturday, March 22, 2014

BWS - Midface Hypoplasia

Another symptom of BWS is mid-face hypoplasia, basically an underdevelopment of the middle part of the face.  In many kids with BWS this isn't very obvious, but it has led to some distinct facial features in Micaelyn (it's not as obvious with Elianna).  There are some procedures that can be done for the mid-face hypoplasia, but at this time we have no plans to put her through more facial surgery.  We think she is beautiful just as she is, but if she ever wants to have corrective surgery we will support her in that decision.
This is one of the few pictures we have of Micaelyn from before we got her.  The creases seen throughout the middle part of her face are caused by the mid-face hypoplasia.  Her enlarged tongue is also evident.

This picture was taken soon after we brought her home.  You can see the differences in the middle part of her face caused by the mid-face hypoplasia by looking under her eyes and over her cheeks.

It's hard to tell from a picture, but the underdevelopment throughout her mid-face is somewhat more visible in this picture taken from the side.

If you look at the bridge of her nose you can see the underdevelopment through there.  Because there isn't as much bone underneath her skin wrinkles more there when she smiles.

Of course we happen to think Micaelyn is not only adorable but also very beautiful just as she is.  However we do understand that as she gets older she may become self-conscious about the creases in her face, especially since the hypoplasia could lead to significant wrinkling at a young age.  We have already had people ask what is wrong with her face so there's always the possibility kids will bother her in school one day.  If it begins to bother her we'll look more closely into options to correct the hypoplasia, which probably wouldn't happen until after she finished growing.

Both my girls with BWS.  As you can see the mid-face hypoplasia isn't near as noticeable in Elianna.

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