Saturday, March 14, 2015

Winter fun!

What a wonderful winter we have had!  We had plenty of snow for the kids to play in.  Caleb, Malachi, and Micaelyn are all the perfect age for really enjoying the winter weather.  Elianna totally loved the snow, so much so that she never wanted to come in.  Hannah liked the snow, but no where near as much as Elianna.  We didn't let Jonah play in the snow.  He is 4 1/2, but mentally he is at the level of a 1 year old, just too immature to play in it safely (e.g. he would never understand having to keep gloves on nor would he be able to walk in it without constantly falling).  Thus we only got a couple of pictures of him with snow, some I had taken with my phone one day when we had just gotten out of the car from running errands.  This was the first winter in our new home.  Our old home was out in the country with a beautiful huge yard.  Thankfully, although we aren't out in farmland country we still have a decent yard for playing in the snow.  The slope is just perfect, not too steep to be unsafe but steep enough to have a good sled ride.   We will miss the beautiful snow until next winter, but we look forward to the flowers and warm weather of spring!

The sled run down the back yard.

This red velvet dress is one my mom made me when I was a little girl.  I am ever so thankful to have such a talented mom who not only made me so many beautiful dresses but who also kept a number of things from my childhood for me to share with my own children.

Our back yard.

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