Wednesday, September 9, 2009

So what's involved in adoption?

If you've been wondering where I've been lately, why I haven't been blogging much, and why I have virtually disappeared from the world of Facebook, well this is it. I have been busy working to get my daughter home. I recently typed up a list to help me get organized as I assemble all the paperwork, and I thought I would share it here for all those who wonder what is involved in adoption.

1. Application
2. Adoptive Family Data Sheet
3. Contracts (2) identical contracts
4. Grievance Procedure
5. Release from Liability
6. Authorization to Release Professional Information, Husband
7. Authorization to Release Professional Information, Wife
8. HIPAA Forms, Husband
9. HIPAA Forms, Wife
10. Required Adoption Statement, Husband
11. Required Adoption Statement, Wife
12. Child Abuse Disclaimer, Husband
13. Child Abuse Disclaimer, Wife
14. Police check form, Husband
15. Police check form, Wife
16. Copy of driver's license, Husband
17. Copy of driver's license, Wife
18. Copy of Social Security Card, Husband
19. Copy of Social Security Card, Wife
20. Copy of Insurance, Life
21. Copy of Insurance, Health
22. Copy of Insurance, Auto
23. Copy of Insurance, Homeowner’s
24. Marriage Certificate
25. Birth Certificate, Husband
26. Birth Certificate, Wife
27. Birth Certificate, Christina
28. Birth Certificate, Caleb
29. Birth Certificate, Malachi
30. Adoption Decree, Christina
31. Adoption Decree, Malachi
32. Family Picture - Informal Snapshot of Family
33. Discipline Policy Form
34. Copy of 2006 W-2
35. Copy of 2007 W-2
36. Copy of 2008 W-2
37. Copy of 2006 1040
38. Copy of 2007 1040
39. Copy of 2008 1040
40. Financial Information Form
41. Letter of Employment (years of employment and current salary)
42. Your Home and Community Questionnaire
43. Autobiography, Husband
44. Autobiography, Wife
45. Marriage Relationship Questionnaire, Husband
46. Marriage Relationship Questionnaire, Wife
47. Attitudes About Adoption Questionnaire, Husband
48. Attitudes About Adoption Questionnaire, Wife
49. Parenting Questionnaire, Husband
50. Parenting Questionnaire, Wife
51. Fire Inspection by fire inspector
52. Environmental Inspection - adoption worker at home visit
53. Medical on Husband (TB ___. HIV ____)
54. Medical on Wife (TB ____, HIV ____)
55. Medical on Malachi (TB test)
56. Medical on Caleb (TB test)
57. Medical on Christina (TB test)
58. Dog Vaccinations
59. Cat 1 Vaccinations
60. Cat 2 Vaccinations
61. Cat 3 Vaccinations
62. Cat 4 Vaccinations
63. Cat 5 Vaccinations
64. Guardianship plan for children in the case of your death/disability

If that seems like a lot, I should add that this list is only what's needed for the home study, which composes one part of the dossier we will send to China. Some of the items needed for our home study were simple, e.g. copies of driver's license, while some of the things seem to take forever, e.g. the autobiography. Just in case you were wondering, although this is our third adoption we have to do an entirely new homestudy. Even the autobiography is new for us - the questions involved are entirely different as they are based on this being our third adoption, fourth child. Thankfully, we are finally getting close to completing everything on this list and starting to work on all the additional documents needed for the dossier to China.


Anonymous said...

WOW - once again just gives me a glimpse into how much God has called you to do this!! You all are an inspiration to so many, this list is so extensive / involved . . . Praying for you and your little girl to be united soon!

Raina said...

So glad you're jumping back into it! Your blog is beautiful, but your family is really the masterpiece here. I'll be following you and your journey!