Friday, February 19, 2010

The Blessing of Older Child Adoption

I am so very often asked about the challenges of older child adoption. I always respond that the challenges are great, but the rewards are much greater. Children are born to love their parents. An infant sees his mother as part of himself. The child's love is instinctive. However, when a child grows up in difficult circumstances without love the instinctive love they have for a parent is forgotten. This can make things very challenging in helping your new child to overcome his/her past and learn to love and attach to us as parents. However, the joy in watching your new child overcome their past and grow into an amazing young adult with a beautiful and loving soul is indescribable! Thus, before I talk about the challenges of older child adoption as so many have asked me to do, I first want to focus on the blessing of older child adoption. I know no better way to do this than to let Christina's own beautiful words speak for themselves.