Thursday, June 19, 2014

Because I have Down syndrome...

The following was from Ernie's Facebook status this morning (including the picture):

My name is Jonah. Today when my daddy got my adoption paperwork it came with no shot records. All the other families had shot records. When he asked why I had none they said because I have Down syndrome I was not worthy of receiving any shots. My daddy cried when he heard this. He then told me that God loves all of His children and that I would be fine.

Notice the redness under Jonah's nose.  That is because he has been denied even the most basic medical care.  He has a chronic bloody nose.  He is stuffy and can't breathe well.  He is almost 4, and although some developmental delays are to be expected due to his having Down syndrome, his delays are more extreme than they should be due to being left in a crib (more like a cage with it's metal bars and hard floor) all day in an impoverished orphanage.  Jonah can't eat much other than rice (even noodles are too difficult unless they are broken into tiny pieces) because he can't chew well enough to break food up. He does walk but not very well.  This summer he turns 4 years old, but he is very much a "baby" and seems more like a 1 yr old.

Jonah has suffered from neglect due to the conditions of the orphanage in which he has lived for nearly 4 years.  But aside from the poor conditions of the orphanage he has suffered because he has Down syndrome.

Because he has Down syndrome Jonah has not received any immunizations.

Because he has Down syndrome Jonah was not given medical care for his illnesses.

Because he has Down syndrome people stare at Jonah rudely.

Because he has Down syndrome people act scared of Jonah.

Because he has Down syndrome people act disgusted by Jonah.

Because he has Down syndrome people ask what is wrong with Jonah.

Because he has Down syndrome Jonah waited almost 2 years to have his file prepared for adoption.

Because he has Down syndrome Jonah waited almost 2 more years to be adopted, even though there are literally thousands upon thousands of people waiting to adopt a child.  All this time he was considered "special focus" and was listed on the "shared list" that is available to all agencies, meaning he could have been adopted by anyone working with any agency.  The restrictions that are placed on some children (e.g. can't be adopted by singles, families must already have a completed and logged-in dossier, etc.) didn't apply to him.  He was made available to anyone that qualified to adopt in an effort to reach more prospective parents, just like so many other precious children who continue to wait because they have Down syndrome.

Because he has Down syndrome Jonah was featured on Reece's Rainbow, an amazing organization dedicated to helping "hard-to-place"children find families, especially kids with Down syndrome.  He was featured on there for many months before we chose to adopt him.  If you would like to be a part of the blessing that comes in showing this precious child the love he so deserves, the medical care he greatly needs you can donate to our family sponsorship page here:

Jonah, you may have Down syndrome, but it will never define you.  You will be known not because you have Down syndrome, you will be known for the wonderful person you are.  I will make sure of it.  And your Daddy.  And all of your many siblings.  You have a family now.  You are wanted.  You are so adored.  You are treasured.

Jonah, YOU ARE LOVED!!!!!

There is always love in Daddy's hands...

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