Monday, June 23, 2014

Change the world...

The following is from Ernie's Facebook page Saturday morning: The flight from the province to Guangzhou is always tough. Most of the kids are horrified, the local Chinese are confused by all of the Americans with Chinese kids and there's a sense in the many of the kids that they are leaving the only home they have every known. Jonah cried during takeoff but I got him to sleep soon thereafter. I was just caressing his face and he slowly fell asleep. Such a sweet little guy.
In nearly 4 years of life Jonah had probably never fallen asleep with someone caressing his face. He had probably never been lovingly held as he fell asleep.  He had never had someone hold him all night long.  He had never been loved unconditionally.  Instead he had spent the majority of his life behind metal bars in a harsh institution devoid of stimulation, nurturing, and love.  In a moment of time Jonah's life completely changed.  Through the miracle of adoption this little orphan - abandoned, unwanted, unloved - became our beloved son.
"Adopting one child won't change the world, but for that child the world will change."

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mommy from ca said...

we love both pictures......Jonah looks so happy. Yes , we are glad to see the little boy so happy.
Ernie you used to love when i put you to bed and made circle around your temples , it only took a few seconds for you to fall asleep with a cute little smile on your face.

you won't believe this but i dreamed that you and Jennifer moved to China and had a beautiful orphanage and lots of little kids around.

Everything was the way it should be, no chip paint, no cages, no iron beds and nice people taking care of them and of course lots of love and good decent medical care.

Ernie would you be able to find a job in China?


Mommy and auntie