Wednesday, May 6, 2015

A new name!

We have finally decided on a name for our new daughter ("Yvonne" is the name she has been known by for many years on all the waiting child lists and groups, but it is not the name she goes by in China).  We knew we wanted a name that relates in some way to our Christian faith.  We had a few ideas, and when we received a couple of new videos of our daughter it became clear which one was just perfect - Grace!  The videos showed us that she is a very graceful girl who loves to dance.  We think the name fits her just perfectly!

I will post the first new video of Grace when our FSP on Reece's Rainbow ( reaches $1500, and I will post the second when it reaches $2000.  For now I will give you this - a link to a post from 2011 advocating for a family for this precious girl (she's been waiting YEARS for a family!).  Even back then they called her "a graceful girl."  There is a brief video of her dancing.  She was cute back then, but I can't wait to show the new videos because she has truly become a great dancer!

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