Friday, May 8, 2015

How to save a life...

The picture to the side is a clip from a Chinese newspaper "finding ad" showing the face of a recently abandoned little girl estimated to be 3 years old. Why are we passionate about caring for orphans? Because they are not just pictures. They are CHILDREN, REAL CHILDREN. No child deserves to be abandoned, no child deserves to be left behind, no child deserves to live in the conditions in which many orphans live, and no child deserves a life without love. We live in a society in which many fight for the care of animals but few fight for the care of orphans. Yes, animals are important, but they will NEVER compare to the worth of a child!!! Those of us who have opened our eyes to the plight of these children cannot turn away. We will never stop fighting for them. We will adopt those whom others have overlooked. We will advocate for the ones still waiting. We will encourage and support other adoptive families. We will donate time and money to help children find families and to help families get their children home. And we will pray for others to join our fight, because it is not about us - it is about the children, the abandoned, unwanted, uncared for, unloved, forgotten children. It is a fight we ALL should be fighting. Yes, Christians love to point out the many verses from the Bible that make it so clear of our responsibility to care for these children, but it's not just "a Christian thing." Caring for orphans is the right thing no matter what your religious beliefs. So when you see our posts about orphans don't just skim over them because it's not your thing. Ask yourself what you can do to help. It doesn't take a lot. You don't have to adopt to make a difference, but whether it be advocating for waiting children or the families adopting these children, helping with a fundraiser (and just sharing the link is helping by bringing more attention), donating time and/or money, or praying, YOUR HELP IS IMPORTANT - you really can make a difference! The little girl in the picture - she is our Grace, our almost 10 year old daughter still waiting for us to bring her home. She has been waiting YEARS for a family. There were many who advocated for her. They led her to us. They helped to save a life.

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