Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas pictures

We had such a special Christmas this year. We finally enjoyed a Christmas at home instead of traveling, and though we missed our extended family it was without a doubt a wonderful way to spend Christmas. We had the best Christmas ever enjoying the special time with our children. These are just the pictures from Christmas morning opening presents. The kids got much more this year than they will next year. I had gotten a lot of things for the boys on sale/clearance long before Christmas. Some things I had actually gotten at least 4-5 years ago (long story). I had forgotten about them being stored in the garage, so when I added them it made quite a few presents for the boys to open. We opened one box to find a large spider web inside, no doubt from being stored in the garage when we lived in Florida - ooops, that was a little hard to explain to the little ones! At least there weren't any spiders!

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