Monday, December 14, 2009

Recent Quotes

Malachi tries his best to be dramatic and get sympathy whenever possible. If Caleb is hurt or upset about something Malachi immediately starts in with a very fake crying and pouting session in hopes of getting attention also. When Malachi gets in trouble, even just a little bit he puts on a great little show usually involving a little bit of a temper and a lot of pouting. While sitting (and crying) in time-out today he said, "I'm the loneliest kid on the whole planet."

The boys were playing with some new Transformer toys today (early Christmas present from a friend). Caleb wanted to pretend Malachi's Transformer was a bad guy attacking me so his Transformer could come save me. He told Malachi, "Go attack Mommy!" Malachi responded, "But Mommy's special," to which Caleb told him, "Malachi, it's just a TOY! It's not real!!! Go attack Mommy." Malachi still wouldn't do it. I finally had to persuade him it was okay to play along.

This has been a long time, but many months ago (I'm pretty sure he was still 4) after seeing the Superman movie Caleb told me, "Mommy, on Superman the girl said, 'The world doesn't need a savior.' But the world does need a Savior, Mommy. Jesus is our Savior. The world needs Jesus." Perfectly said, my dear son!

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