Monday, December 21, 2009

Good-bye fall!

It's now officially winter! Since I didn't do much blogging over the fall I thought I would mark today with a photo review of fall.

Fall got off to a great start when my mom brought my grandparents to town. Though they used to come to this area a lot just for enjoyment, since we've lived here my granddad's health hasn't been very good so they've not been able to travel. It was wonderful to finally have them here!

We took them down to the Little River that comes out of the Smoky Mountains where Christina was baptized at our annual church picnic.

The boys enjoyed playing down by the riverside.

We also had a great lunch at one of my favorite cafes in Townsend in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains.

A great (and rare) shot of Christina with a little brother. I tried to get one of all 3 kids together, but not surprisingly that didn't work out too well.

A day out in Townsend with the boys to eat lunch at the same cafe again. There are some great little shops attached to it, and they always decorate so nicely.

On the hayride during our trip to the pumpkin patch.

I guess I was the only person on the wagon that wanted to have fun in the pumpkin patch and get some good pictures because everyone else pretty much jumped off, grabbed some pumpkins, and climbed back onto the wagon. Needless to say, there wasn't much time for me to get a lot of good pictures of the boys in the pumpkin patch!

I took the boys into the corn maze. They lasted less then 10 minutes! All they really wanted to do was go back to the sandpit, and honestly the trail was so terribly muddy I wasn't interested in it either!

There was an older girl playing in the sand that Caleb really wanted to play with. Unfortunately she was rather mean to him and told him to get away from her. He was so upset after that, and it broke my heart just a little to see him get hurt that way. I know I can't protect him from everything though, but at least I can be there to give him my love. After the incident with the girl he was very sullen, wouldn't look up, not really interested in playing. Nothing I did would make him smile.
Finally trying to smile for Mommy, but I can still see the sadness in his eyes...
Finally playing together. They play together a lot, but sometimes they "parallel play." I think the joy of having a sibling (especially one of the same sex) so close in age is that you always have a playmate, no matter how mean the other kids around you are.

Caleb loved playing in all this corn. He played in it with his shoes on. After he got out he continued to run around and play in the kiddie maze and other activities. Then we rode in the car for quite awhile before getting to Target. While there he started complaining about his feet hurting. I thought it was just because he needed new (bigger) shoes. When I took off one of his shoes to try some new ones on a huge pile of sand fell out along with 20-30 corn kernels. No wonder his feet hurt - he had been wearing his shoes like that for several hours! (He really did need new shoes though.)

They had a tower built out of big tires which the boys loved climbing. Of course, Caleb always reached the top first.

Caleb loved this slide!

Malachi ran up the stairs along with Caleb, but I knew he would be too scared to go down by himself. Of course, he had no problem getting a teenage girl to take him down!
Between the hay ride, pumpkin patch, corn maze, kiddie mazes, sandpit, slide, etc. the boys had so much fun it was worth the ride to get there. I wish Christina could have been there too, but she was in school and probably would have been bored anyway. The next day I took her and her friend to a haunted corn maze a little closer to home.

Just hanging out while waiting for the girls to find their way out of the haunted maze.

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