Monday, November 14, 2011

More surgery tomorrow

Micaelyn's surgery is tomorrow. She could be on a ventilator in a medically induced coma for the rest of this week. I am hoping and praying for her to have an amazing recovery and be off the ventilator and awake within 3 days. Actually, I am hopeful she will be HOME within 3 days. The mere fact she is alive today is nothing short of a miracle based on her condition at birth and where she was born. She is at very high risk for tumors and was supposed to have received blood work every 6 weeks and ultrasounds every 12 weeks to screen for tumors so they could be treated early. As an orphan in China she received NO screening, but God protected her little body and kept it free of the tumors and other problems that so often affect BWS kids. Her club foot was corrected very early on. She waited many months for a family, and through God's great hand she became our daughter. I have no doubt that after all the miracles God has already worked in her short life a miraculously quick recovery could easily happen!

Caleb had a very hard night last night. However, he has done better over the course of the day today. We finally got his new Optimus Prime toy he was promised before the surgery, and that definitely perked him up a bit. Then our wonderful preacher and his son came by to visit, and the moment Caleb saw them outside he was full of excitement. He still isn't talking anywhere near as much as he normally does, but he has at least been speaking a little. He ate a small amount of baked potato with chili for dinner and ate almost a whole brownie for desert, and he has also been drinking much better. He is very eager to go back to gymnastics, but he still isn't anywhere near ready for that. At least it gives him something fun to look forward to when he is better!

I have a feeling the rest of this week will be quite rough dealing with Micaelyn's recovery while Caleb is still down from his surgery.

Here are a few recent pictures of our little China angel. Please pray her surgery goes well and she has a much faster than expected recovery.  Also pray this does not affect her attachment or bring up any adoption/abandonment/trauma issues.

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The Kings said...

What a beautiful little girl! Love her smile.

I will be praying.