Sunday, November 13, 2011


Caleb is having a pretty hard time recovering from his surgery, definitely harder than I expected.  He is having a great deal of pain.  Whenever he starts crying from the pain he starts wheezing.   Then he gets more upset and scared, panic sets in, and he can't breathe, all of which only makes the pain that much worse.  He has been running a fever over 100 ever since the surgery (even with the tylenol added to his pain medicine, and he is also on an antibiotic), and he has been been very lethargic and lifeless.  He hardly speaks, and on the rare occasion he does it's just a whisper (and it obviously hurts him).  I have had a VERY hard time getting him to drink enough to keep from getting dehydrated, and he has hardly eaten anything since the surgery (and he didn't really have any extra pounds to lose).  I pray his body starts healing and the pain eases up soon so he can start drinking more, eating, talking, playing, and so he can become the active little boy he normally is. 
Laying around in his new Captain America pajamas he got from his Daddy's coworkers.  He really liked them a lot!

Coloring in his new coloring book from his friend Naomi and her family.

  All day long he hardly speaks except to say "Aaron" wondering when Aaron will come over.  No matter how miserable he feels, Aaron always manages to help him feel better.  What a wonderful boyfriend Christina has!

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Jolene said...

Oh my goodness I am praying for your little man to be fully healed! The shiners under his eyes in that first picture are terrible.

My daughter was 5 when she had her surgery (same type) and it was a difficult recovery for her as well. It was a vicious cycle of pain, dehydration and swelling. We ended up taking her to the ER because her post surgical swelling was so severe she couldn't swallow the pain meds...they ended up giving her another steroid injection to bring the swelling down.

Your little man is in my prayers!
Blessings to you all!