Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Update on Micaelyn

Two days ago I awoke to Micaelyn's face just inches from mine, smiling so sweetly to me, with her little hand petting my face so tenderly.  It was hard waking up without her this morning.  I sure do miss my baby girl!

Micaelyn had a very rough night last night, and this morning she was just plain "wild" (to use the nurse's word), fighting terribly for several HOURS despite all the drugs she had been given to sedate her.  They ended up calling the surgeon in early this morning to come check her.  After adding even more drugs to her already long list they seem to have finally gotten her to a calmer level.  As the PICU doctor said, she is on A LOT of drugs, and she is getting A LOT of each one of those drugs.  They keep her room closed off and dark at all times with as little human interaction as possible so as to minimize stimulation because she can so easily wake up, and not surprisingly she gets quite upset and agitated when she does.  We are thankful she is finally starting to sleep more (though still not as solidly as had been hoped), and very thankful for all the prayers on her behalf.

The doctor had hoped to be able to get her off the ventilator today.  That didn't work out but hopefully by tomorrow she'll be doing well enough to remove the tube so we can start working towards getting her home. 

Today we found out her surgeon (also Caleb's surgeon, who we really LOVE!) has a little boy adopted from China (he has 5 kids total - just like us!).  We told him we already thought he was an awesome guy, but that just made him that much better!  :)
I couldn't take any pictures today since we had to avoid anything that might wake her up (we weren't even supposed to touch her or talk to her, but I snuck a few kisses!).  Thus I'll just post one from 2 weeks ago.  She is always so full of joy, just like in this picture.  I can't wait to see her smiling and dancing again!

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kym said...

It is good to "catch up" with you! The kids are beautiful and Caleb looks like he feels better. Micaelyn looks radiant with her new smile!